Our team of e-business professionals can help your company take better advantage of your online presence to help you achieve your goals.  From personalized site design services to customized integrations, we’re here to help you get the most out of your ProSel Commerce software.  With our wide range of services available, you can achieve more success from your efforts, with less hassle.  Whether you need just a little help or want us to manage your entire e-business operation, we stand ready to assist you.

Explore our service offerings below…

  • Administration Services

    For a lot of businesses, just like yours, the biggest hurdle to getting started with an e-business strategy is in determining how to manage the system on day one, in a way that will produce results quickly.

    Instead of just delivering a software application, and handing over the controls to you for you to figure out on your own, we want to help you grow into your new system. So, we provide unlimited administrator training to help you get the hang of using your ProSel Commerce system to its fullest potential, at the pace that works right for you.

    Or, if you’d prefer to hand-off the entire operation of your site to us, we can tailor a ‘managed service’ agreement where we’ll take on every aspect of managing your system, including daily maintenance for product and price updates, or whatever you need. From self-sufficient operation, to full out-sourcing, or anywhere in between, we’ll be glad to work out a adminstration program right for your business. Just give us a call to discuss your needs, and we’ll take it from there.

  • Application Customization

    Just as your traditional website can be tailored to the specific needs of your business, ProSel Commerce is highly configurable and fully customizable, and can be enhanced, extended and integrated without practical limits. Built using industry standard technology (MS SQL + .NET Framework), and deployed as an open-architecture solution, ProSel Commerce is ready and able to be modified to fit your exact business needs.

    Whether your requirements call for the addition of standard web pages to convey more information, or for a sophisticated new feature to satisfy the needs of your most demanding customer, our team of business and system analysts combined with experienced developers can make your requirements a reality.

    At ProSel Commerce, our business culture begins with the understanding that the business need should drive the software, and not the other way around. We know that to be competitive and win the business, online systems can play a big factor. We’ll strive to make sure that your ProSel Commerce system is never the limiting factor in your success. Please give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

  • Bid Preparation Service

    Government contracts are expected to reach over $100 billion annually, and government e-business initiatives are growing at an equal pace. Sellers focused on the government marketplace are finding that an increasing number of bid requests and RFP’s have specfied that the ordering of products and services must be available via the bidder’s e-commerce system, making an electronic ordering system a de-facto rquirement for winning the business.

    ProSel Commerce’s Bid Support program is designed to assist sellers with everything they’ll need (related to
    e-commerce technical requirements and capabilities), to respond to bid requests and RFP’s, without having to commit to an e-commerce solution prior to winning the bid.


    The Bid Support program features:

    –  Seller-branded Demo site, Customizable for Capabilities Demonstrations
    –  e-Commerce / e-Procurement Technical Assistance with RFIs, RFQs and RFPs.
    –  Public-Sector Catalog Development Consultation

    To learn more about this valuable, no obligation program, or to schedule a demonstration, contact your ProSel Commerce representative today at 888-689-7677 x107 or sales@acgtechnologies.com.

  • Business Process Analysis / Automation

    To reap the benefits of e-Business automation requires that you understand the processes you are trying to automate. With ProSel Commerce, we help businesses implement their online go-to-market strategies by providing online tools that can increase the breadth and reach of their offering, online, while at the same time providing a method to streamline the business processes themselves.

    Transforming your business from salesrep dependency to one more oriented towared customer self-service and 7 x 24 x 365 e-business services often takes more than just installing the software application. With ProSel Commerce we consult with many clients on how best to achieve their goals, which often includes some aspects of business process and systems analysis to help make the software ‘fit the business’.

    If you’ve been considering making improvements to your own sales and marketing processes, now is a good time to check out how we may be able to assist you in that regard. We have the benefit of having helped many organizations streamline their operations. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

  • Credit Card Processing

    ProSel Commerce’s credit card processing feature allows you to accept credit card payments directly from your site. All major credit card companies are covered and the system is convenient and secure. The credit card gateway works with most existing merchant accounts. We will assist you in getting your site configured and can work with you regarding any special requirements you may have.

  • Digital Marketing Services

    In addition to offering one of the most versatile business-to-business e-commerce solutions available, we also provide a wide range of Digital Marketing services to help you achieve online success. Make the most of your ProSel Commerce system by learning more about our services:

    –  Manufacturer Syndicated Content
    –  Manufacturer MDF/Coop Funds Management
    –  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    –  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    –  Site Analytics
    –  Online Press Releases
    –  Social Media Marketing
    –  Specific Market Landing Pages

  • Implementation & Training

    With ProSel Commerce, our goal is to get you productive using our ebusiness tools to help you sell more, and more profitably too! We have learned what it takes to get you up to speed through many implementations and working closely with our clients.

    Our goal is to have each user at your company who will interact with your ProSel Commerce solution reach a level of proficiency based upon his or her needs. We know that user training goes hand in hand with usage of the system, and that each layer of training builds upon what has already been learned. So our training is personalized, and available to you as you need it.

    For many of our clients, ProSel Commerce represents their first significant involvement with a true ebusiness solution – where the sales process is transititioned from a traditional person-to-person interaction, to web-based interaction with your clients. We understand this change and how it can be most effectively used to enhance your customer relationships. We will help you learn how to best conduct business online while at the same time learning how to use and manage the ProSel Commerce system.

    And just as one of the hallmarks of the ProSel Commerce system is its versatility, we understand that your company is unique and may have specific implementation and training requirements. Please give us a call so we can understand those needs and craft a solution just for you!

  • Integration

    As an integrated e-business solution, spanning the full online sales and marketing spectrum, ProSel Commerce can help automate many of the business processes that exist within your company. At the same time, most businesses have existing systems in place which may benefit from streamlined processes by being integrated with ProSel Commerce, to reduce or eliminate manually processes, redundant data entry and the like.

    We can assist you with integrating ProSel Commerce with…

    –  Accounting/ERP Systems
    –  Back-office Systems
    –  CRM Systems
    –  e-Procurement Systems
    –  Manufacturer Syndicated Content
    –  Professional Services Automation Systems
    –  Proprietary Systems
    –  Supplier Systems
    –  Websites

    In addition to our expertise in support of ProSel Commerce, ACG Technologies is a full-service software development services company, having developed hundreds of unique applications and integrations.  We offer you a single source solution for your complete automation needs.