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ProSel Commerce is the sales process automation solution that offers you more.   More features, more versatility, more control, more configurabilty, more customizabilty.  More of what you need to sell more – by enabling your sales team online.   It will make your sales team more efficient and competitive to help you grow, driving more sales and profitability.  It will help you engage, empower, and retain your customers to build long-term, profitable relationships.

An Online Sales Channel is the Future of IT Sales

Over time, customer business gravitates to those IT solution providers that they have a ‘convenient relationship’ with.  ProSel Commerce uses the cloud to give your customers the option to conduct business online, anytime, from anywhere to research products, services and solutions, review contract pricing, prepare quotes and place orders when and how they wish.  Besides being great for your relationship, this additional sales channel complements your current sales approach and can translate into higher sales and higher margins too!

Personalized e-Commerce is the Future 

No longer do you have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to e-Commerce.  With ProSel Commerce’s versatile Multi-Portal e-Commerce you can quickly and easily create an unlimited number of individualized portals allowing you to provide each client, if so desired, a site tailored to fit their exact, yet unique needs.

Whether it is contract pricing, special product bundles, specialized purchasing needs, unique payment or shipping requirements, ProSel /IT can handle it!

Expanded Selling Opportunities – 24 x 7 x365

Your business can be selling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without adding any headcount.  Many customers have become accustomed to the convenience of doing business online and expect that it be offered by their preferred reseller partners.

With ProSel Commerce your customers can decide when, where and how they they do business with you, by utilizing an online sales channel that complements and enhances your sales team’s efforts. When presented with flexible buying options, buyers buy more often.  Enabling online sales promotes new business and can enhance your company’s reputation.

Reduced Procurement Costs for your Customers

Numerous studies have shown that customers that embrace e-business solutions for obtaining products and services can save between 20 – 60% of their own administrative costs related to their procurement process.  Resellers utilizing ProSel Commerce can also provide a new ‘value-added’ service to their customers by helping them save time and cut costs when ordering.

Why ProSel Commerce?

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Deployment Options

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