Personalized Catalogs Help you Sell!

Business to business selling is all about fulfilling a need in a manner that best suits the client.  Simple, one-size-fits-all systems, where all customers see the same products and services are not the most productive solutions for today’s sophisticated online buyers.  Client personalization which allows you to engage the customer in the same responsive manner as you would ‘in person’, to meet their specific requirements, is key to winning and growing the business.

Portals, Catalogs & Contract Management

Business to business oriented companies wishing to offer client-specific catalogs or contract pricing will appreciate the flexibility which ProSel Commerce provides.

New! ‘Bid Support’ program to help you win the business!

  • Fully Configurable /Customizable User Interface

    Recognizing that servicing your contract clients online requires more than just special pricing, our flexible user interface allows you to specify the exact look & feel, content, product mix, pricing and user features required to meet the most demanding requirements.

  • Unlimited Client/Contact-Specific Portals

    Any number of customer or contract-specific portals can be created to meet unique client requirements. Private URLs allow for controlled user access and limit visibility to non-contract customers. Contract-specific login and welcome screens provide a superior user experience.

  • Unlimited Account Profiles

    Account profiles that specify exact contract pricing (fixed or dynamic) and available product mix can be tailored to meet the most demanding requirements.

  • Unlimited Customer-Specific Custom Fields

    The flexibility provided by account-specific custom fields allows you to configure your system to exact user requirements via simple menus. Unlimited custom fields can collect or display information on the quote/order body or header, specific line item or item group, customer account record or address fields for complete system versatility.

  • Unlimited Customer-Specific SKUs, Standards & Bundles

    Add any number of product items, company standards or product bundles. Help your clients reinforce their own procurement standards by reflecting their own special requirements

  • Application Customization

    Where customer or reseller requirements are not handled by the wealth of built-in features, consider application customization from ACG Technologies. Special features to address your unique requirements can be created by ACG Technologies application developers in a cost-effective manner to create a system tailored to your exact needs. Contact us for details.