Streamline your Business with ProSel Commerce

Sales is the life-blood of your business, yet building and maintaining a high-performing, highly-motivated sales team is an on-going challenge for many businesses.  With ProSel Commerce we can show you how to successfully implement an automation solution that not only generates better returns on your sales efforts, but also improves your ability to track results and manage your sales to have a positive impact on revenues and profits.

Sales automation with ProSel Commerce lets you streamline your sales process, close deals faster and generate more accurate and consistent quotes and orders, while simultaneously giving your customers many of the same capabilities that you offer to your sales team.

Integrate with your Existing ERP System

ProSel Commerce’s web-based user interface, combined with an industry standard, open architecture allow the system to be integrated with practically any back office or legacy system.  Please contact us for the specifics related to your systems.

Sales Automation capabilities include:
  • One-click generation of orders by converting quotes and shopping carts.
  • Real-time or batch submission to ERP systems via ERP integration
  • Order data supplemented with additional data from unlimited customer-specific custom fields
  • Order data validated by customer-specific profile rules to prevent errors.
  • Route orders for review & approval once submitted.
  • Handle multiple payment types (purchase orders, credit cards, etc.)
  • Organize and view order online.
  • View order history online.
  • Create company standards and saved quotes for repeat orders.
  • Confirm orders electronically – automatic email notifications for each order stage.
  • Customizable order templates.

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