Manage your Order Flow like Never Before!

Sales process automation with ProSel Commerce can provide you with a single, integrated ‘sales pipeline’ to funnel your orders into your back-office accounting system.  If you are currently dealing with a non-integrated approach, chances are there is plenty of room for improvement, ultimately to increase your sales productivity.

Integrated Order Flow pays Productivity Gains

No matter where or how your sales orders originate, using ProSel Commerce to streamline your order management can be a big step forward.  Providing your sales organization with a single, web-based portal for entering quotes and orders, which is already integrated with all client e-commerce activity makes good sense.  With all sales transactions flowing through a standard process, available anywhere, anytime, the benefits of automation quickly become apparent.

And with all sales transactions in a common format, passing those transactions electronically to your back-office systems for invoicing and financials is simplified.  ProSel Commerce’s industry standard, open architecture insures that connectivity to your accounting system or other back-office solution is straightforward, without unneeded complications.