Sell Directly via your Customer’s internal e-Procurement System

More and more, large enterprise organizations are automating their own procurement processes.  For the ultimate in customer convenience, your ProSel Commerce system can be connected directly to your customer’s internal procurement system to provide them with a complete, quote-to-cart solution that really locks in the business.  This is convenience of the best kind!

Streamline your Client‘s Procurement Process with ’Punch-out Catalogs’

ProSel Commerce’s integrated e-procurement capability puts your customers in control of their own procurement process.  Accessed through a secure web portal, or connected directly with your client’s internal e-procurement solution, ProSel Commerce gives your client a direct link to all of your products and services, providing them with the ultimate in convenience.

Customer Benefits
  • Conduct business at their convenience, 24 x 7, through secure web access.
  • Consolidate all purchases through a single, easy to use interface they are already familiar with.
  • Simplify client buying procedures & reduce human error.
  • Decrease transaction costs, eliminating labor-intensive, time-consuming tasks.
  • Decrease order fulfillment costs (consolidate invoices).
  • Improve spend control by enforcing purchasing limits and privileges.
  • Improve operational efficiencies through one-stop shopping.
  • Improve technology and process standardization across multiple business units.
ProSel Commerce e-Procurement features:
  • Quick access to all of your products and services, online, anytime.
  • Rich product information (tech specs, images) for your products
  • Standards and bundles can be showcased to reinforce your client’s product standardization, reducing support costs.
  • Seamless ‘punch-out’ integration with major e-procurement solutions via our own XML e-Procurement module (not a 3rd party service).
  • User collaboration – quotes and order sharing options.
  • User access control – giving users just the level of access/permissions they need.
  • Seamless quote-to-cart integration.

We work with third-party e-Procurement software providers, marketplaces and exchanges to integrate with your ProSel Commerce solution.  A sampling of the platforms we support is listed below.  Please contact us regarding any platform vendor not listed.

  • Ariba
  • Perfect Commerce
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Epicor
  • Lawson

Our solution includes support for…

  • XML, cXML and other formats
  • UNSPSC Coding, or non-UNSPSC encoding of products
  • Customizable catalog formats
  • Preset ship-to addresses when required

Through our experience developing e-Business solutions, we follow a four-step process for e-procurement integration.

  1. Discovery  –  (Exchange of customer specifications, identify process flows)
  2. XML Mapping  –  (Identify key elements, align business needs with data)
  3. Process Testing  –  (Testing of XML transactions, identify modifications required)
  4. Integration Verification  –  (Verification of XML transactions in test environment, verify in production, sign-off by customer and seller, then Go live)

To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, we maintain priority response and resolution support for our e-Procurement integrations.

ProSel Commerce’s unique Multi-Portal technology allows you to customize the client site/catalog to fit the exact needs of the Enterprise Customer. As a portal tailored specifically for their business, this lets them shop in a familiar, online format while conveniently unifying their organization’s own processes for the acquisition of your products and services.

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